PEEBD9393 Emergency Breathing System


Pressure: 4500psi

2nd Stage Reg: Sherwood

1st Stage Reg: 4500psi

Hose Length: 20 inches

Cylinder: Composite


Versatile Design

  • The PEEBD9393 Emergency Breathing System bottles are available in Covert Matte Black Aluminum.
  • Aluminum bottles are 3000 psi/Composite bottles are 4500 psi.
  • The 1st and 2nd stage regulators can be made to meet high-visibility or covert requirements.
  • PEEBD bottle dimensions allow them to be used with existing harnesses and vests that are already carrying similar breathing devices for their users.


PEEBD9393 Emergency Breathing System
NSN# 4240-98-208-3744


PEEBD9393 Emergency Breathing System Maintainability

  • Unique 1st Stage Regulator Swivel Hose Connection with “OFF-ON” Control Knob
  • The CA-EBS from Poseidon has a more streamlined logistics train for maintaining the bottles at the unit level.
  • Similarity in maintenance and servicing of PEEBD systems ensures an efficient transition from legacy systems.
  • Servicing is 36 months, bringing sustainability costs down to 25% of the competitor.


The PEEBD9393 Emergency Breathing System is of unique design, offering compact, lightweight versatility in compliance with both CAP1034 and PREN4856. The PEEBD systems boast independent testing by NATA-approved labs to meet both listed standard requirements. Both the PEEBD1206-3,000psi aluminum cylinder and the PEEBD9393-4,500psi composite systems offer the same cylinder footprint of 180mm x 50mm cylinders.

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