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Rugged Anvis Mount

The Rugged ANVIS Mount is designed and manufactured as a superior mount that provides a robust solution to address known problems with standard ANVIS mounts. The Rugged ANVIS Mount incorporates a stronger material, improved cable management and a more streamlined profile to ensure the mount will provide a rugged and secure base for the ANVIS NVG with less snagging or drag while providing the proper ANVIS mounting interface for flight helmets.

The major support components of the Rugged ANVIS Mount are machined from a stronger material instead of using thin injection molded pieces. As a result, the unit will withstand greater than 100 lbs of force on side impact, considerably more than most pilots or crew will require and more than 5(x) times of the standard mounts available. Also, the Rugged ANVIS Mount is designed with better cable management that routes all conductors through a single shielded cable until it enters the main support eliminating snag hazards and simplifying wiring. In addition, the routing mitigates the issue of wires pulling out of their contact points.

The Sidecar Rugged ANVIS Mount is designed to be utilized as a universal ANVIS mount. No more need for Sidecar Mount Adapters for the ALPHA Eagle/900 Series of flight helmets. The clearance of the sidecar Rugged ANVIS Mount enables end users to interface NVG to any commercial flight helmet.


Pilots, aviators and flight crew-members flying fixed and rotary-wing aircraft that represent the various branches of the military, law enforcement and air medical transport are increasingly required to conduct a broad range of respective missions at night.

Many pilots and crew-members conduct air operations utilizing the latest Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS) Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for night time operation. These operators typically use flight helmets of several variants to accommodate the requirements of their respective aircraft or branch. These helmets are designed and equipped with a mounting platform to facilitate the attachment of NVG via a helmet mount assembly that attaches to the front of the flight helmet or to the visor shroud depending on the model of helmet.

The standard ANVIS helmet mounts found in today’s market that support the interface from the NVG to the helmet are adequate for most flight operations, but are not robust. The standard helmet mounts and battery packs may become weak and require frequent replacement or maintenance service from ALSE technicians to repair broken components and/or pulled wires.

Failure to the electrical or mechanical interface between either the helmet mount or battery may shut down the NVG leaving the operator in the dark and may even compromise the success of the mission or safety of the pilot and crew.

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Rugged ANVIS Mount

Attaches directly to the flight helmet or the helmet visor shroud using the 4-hole screw pattern or with stand-off pins in the ANVIS 4-pin quick disconnect keyhole pattern.

Includes attaching hardware and pins

Weight: 3.0 oz

Rugged ANVIS Mount w/Sidecar Adapter

Attaches directly to flight helmet adaptor plate for use with Alpha Series helmets or with stand-off pins in the ANVIS 4-pin quick disconnect adaptor with keyhole pattern.

Includes attaching hardware.

Weight: 3.5 oz

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Air Warrior Battery Pack (AWBP)

The Air Warrior Battery Pack provides a stronger enclosure, improved cable management and a more streamlined profile to ensure the battery pack will provide a rugged source of auxiliary power to the ANVIS night vision goggle with less snag and drag and withstand the pounding impacts of the battlefield environment.

The standard battery pack issued by Army Aviation supplies has several weaknesses that result in breakage and lack of service Feedback from operators, the Aircrew Flight Equipment ALSE community and the service and repair depots from both the military and commercial aviation have identified specific issues which require service repair or replacement.

The Air Warrior Battery Pack (AWBP) was designed to overcome those weaknesses and provide a more rugged and reliable source of primary power for the ANIVS NVGs for both tactical ground operations, as well as, conventional aviation operations. The battery compartment itself is machined from a single block of high density material that provides superior strength to weight to withstand extreme crushing forces while maintaining the weight of the standard battery pack. The battery pack is designed with a smoother profile to conform to the curvature of the helmet and has rounded ends to prevent snags.

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Features and Operations

Remove/Replace Batteries:

Rotate the tactile knob for the battery cover, 90 degrees to open - reverse to close.

Battery compartment is stamped on the outside with a "+" and "-" as polarity indicators.

O-ring seal on cover to prevent moisture/leakage.

The covers are tethered to the battery compartment using a spring loaded cable to prevent accidental dropping or loss during battery change out.


Select Batteries In Use (Primary/Secondary):

Knurled knob - rotate switch in center towards the corresponding side of paired batteries to use first.

When low-battery indicator illuminates, rotate to the unused paired batteries using the knob.

The knob is larger in diameter and facilitates ease of use with gloves.

The knob - when centered - is the OFF position.


Cable Routing:

The cable extends approximately 16" from the battery compartment to the tip of the connector and can be routed on top of the helmet or along the side or the inside of the helmet and secured with Velcro or tape.

The cable is reinforced at the battery pack interface and securely routed through a grip-pin to prevent accidental pullout.


Note: Standard counter weights can be used with the AGWBP. The battery pack maintains the contact points for the standard aviation counter weights in the standard bolt pattern located on the bottom of the battery compartment.

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GoPro Mounts

The Go-Pro Mount is designed and manufactured as a superior mount that provides a robust solution to Go-Pro users.

alpha-eagle-flight-helmet-gopro-mount (2)

For any questions or assistance with NVG Mounts and Accessories:

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