Search and Rescue Support

Rescue Harness | Victim Harness

Pro Flight Gear Red Bar

Standout Performance

    • Easy to fit, one size fits all that comfortably secures the victim within the harness.

    • Weighs just under 6lbs (2.7kg).


    • Nomex FR Webbing

    • Woven Material FR

    • Stainless Steel Attachment Rings

    • Crotch Strap with 3-Action Stainless Steel Karabiner

    • Stainless Steel Non-Corrosive Fittings


    • ANZS1891.1

    • ATSO-C1003 (TSO-C167 equivalent)

    • Webbing and Woven Material FR–FAR 25.853 (b-2)


    • Lifting/Fall Arrest Point at top, rear of harness, ensures interfere-free attachment and impedance-free when wearing a flight helmet.

    • Victim Harness design also ensures a head-down position is highly unlikely and in any event a head-down position does occur, the victim remains securely located within the harness.

    • The Shoulder Strap design also ensures that in the event of any spin the straps remain located over the shoulders.

    • Ideally located attachment/lifting point at front of harness, which ensures the correct angle when suspended.

    • Sit/Recline (Super Nappy Type) angle design.

    • Natural reclined comfort position.

    • Low-cut neck scallop in Harness, to ensure no pressure is place at the base of the skull by the harness.

    • When fitting correctly, impossible to fallout of harness.

Fitting of Harness

    • Ease of adjustment of the shoulder straps

    • Shoulder Strap design and the fitting through the buckles ensures the shoulder straps remain securely fitted throughout all facets of moving

    • Ease of adjustment of non-slip waist strap

    • Ergonomically designed Patient/Rescuer position during winch operations


    • Rear located rounded Grab Handle for ease of handling the Victim.

    • Crotch strap design ensures crotch-crush is minimized and ease of fitting.

    • Auxiliary equipment attachment points.

Stock Color

Black webbing with Hi-Vis Lime and 3M Retro-flective tapes.

**Colors Can Be Customized Based on Organizational Needs**

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