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ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet
(The World Standard)

Our flagship product is the ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet which is designed for use in helicopters and fixed wing, non-ejection seat aircraft. The helmet features a strong, ultra-light construction made from epoxy resin aramid and carbon fiber achieving the ultimate combination of lightweight (only 980 grams) and high protection. The ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet provides superior pressure displacement over the cranium and balance by using a fully articulating retention system and adjustable nape strap assembly.

Simple rapid adjustment of the crown, ear-cups and the nape enable the ALPHA Eagle to be comfortably fitted to a wide range of cranium shapes and sizes with superb retention and balance. The innovative quick release ratchet assembly enables the nape pad to be swiftly and easily positioned for maximum comfort and stability. Visor options include single or double visor systems in tinted, clear, or amber versions.

The ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet is compatible with night vision goggles (NVG) and can be configured with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) for enhanced protection against low frequency cockpit noise as well as can be equipped for in-ear communication systems.

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ALPHA Eagle Features:

    • 5 Sizes to ensure accurate fit, minimizing weight effect and achieving optimum center of gravity (CG).

    • Stable, Comfortable Helmet Platform with unique quick fit system, incorporating ratchet nape. adjustment to ensure helmet stability throughout duration of flight.

    • Independent Earcup Adjustment for proper fitting of left and right ear positions, eliminating transmitted resonance and maintaining unsurpassed noise attenuation.

    • Modular Design has a proven record of lowering cost of ownership through easy maintenance and fewer replacement parts.
ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Titanium w_Zero-G

All new ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet orders are fabricated and completed at our Pro Flight Gear facility in Cunningham, TN.


Not All Heads Are Created Equal

– Available In 5 Sizes –

Medium – Medium Long – Medium Broad – Large – Extra Large

ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Sizing Chart
  • Ensures an accurate fit
  • Minimizing weight effect
  • Achieving optimum Center of Gravity.

That’s why it is important to select the correct sized helmet for maximum comfort and stability.

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ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet - Suede Blue_Grey Amber Visor



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ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Callouts

ALPHA Callouts - Front - 2023
ALPHA Callouts - Back - 2023
ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Platform
Independent Ear Cup Adjustment
ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Maxio Faceshield

Down Lead/Communication Setup

A wide range of equipment options are available for the cockpit setup, including straight and coiled down leads, microphones, plugs and connectors.

Optional ANR (Active Noise Reduction)
Maxi Facial Shield/Oxygen Fittings

Upgrades include ANR for low frequency noise and enhanced speech intelligibility, universal oxygen bayonet receivers and the Maxi Facial Shield.

Performance - Not Compromise

ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Impact Chart
ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet_White Front
ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Noise Chart

Mechanical Performance

ANSI Z90-1


Impact Protection

Below 300G for a 90ft/lb (122 joules) Input Energy

Penetration Protection

1.8kg 60º striker at 1-meter

Noise Attenuation

Over 40db @ 4kHz


-40º C to +50º C


Normally below 1kg

Not All Helmets Are Created Equal

ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Visor Options

Single or Dual-Visor options provide maximum eye-protection and field of view.

A choice of Clear, Smoked, and Amber options are available.

Visor Adjustment

The visor can be further adjusted to align with facial features and/or oxygen masks/Maxi Face Shield.

Independent Left and Right hand lock up/down lever options.

Rigid Visor Cover NVG

ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Maxio Faceshield
ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Front
ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet - NVG Down

Provides stable mounting platform for NVG (Night Vision Goggles).
The unique fitting and adjustment facility ensures correct eye relief is achieved.

ALPHA Eagle NVG Configurations

Visor Cover Options

ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Visor Cover Options

Carbon Fiber Visor Cover (w/wo NVG Mount) Velveteen Visor Cover

Standard Colors/Finishes

ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet Colors and Finishes

A wide choice of colors are offered and specials are available at a premium. 

Paint-Match Only Available with Carbon Fiber Visor Covers.

Pro Flight Gear ALPHA Eagle Flight Helmet - Metallic Red
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The modular design has a proven record of lowering Cost of Ownership through easy maintenance and fewer replacement parts.

Inspections and Refurbishments

Pro Flight Gear prides itself in its ability to take a worn, distressed helmet and bring it back to its former glory. Helmets first are disassembled and then inspected. Once a helmet is determined to be in operational condition, it goes through the process of painting and reassembly. This is also the time to consider replacing any parts or adding any improvements or upgrades.