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PEEBD1206 Emergency Breathing System
PEEBD9393 Emergency Breathing System
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Improved Performance Over Legacy Systems

The Poseidon line of compressed air emergency breathing systems (CA-EBS) provides the user with improved performance over legacy systems. These devices are lighter, provide more duration, and have ergonomic features that make their use safer than what is currently available to military and civilian customers.

The PEEBD (EBS) Spare Air system is of unique design, offering compact, lightweight versatility in compliance with both CAP1034 and PREN4856. The PEEBD systems boast independent testing by NATA-approved labs to meet both listed standard requirements. Both the PEEBD1206-3,000psi aluminum cylinder and the PEEBD9393-4,000psi composite systems offer the same cylinder footprint of 180mm x 50mm cylinders.

Bottles include a capacity gauge and an on/off knob with red off and green on.

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Versatile Design

PEEBD1206 Emergency Breathing System
  • The PEEBD bottles are available in either a Covert Matte Black Aluminum or Composite finish.
  • Aluminum bottles are 3000 psi, and composite bottles are 4500 psi.
  • The 1st and 2nd stage regulators can be made to meet high-visibility or covert requirements.
  • PEEBD bottle dimensions allow them to be used with existing harnesses and vests that are already carrying similar breathing devices for their users.
PEEBD9393 Emergency Breathing System


  • Unique 1st Stage Regulator Swivel Hose Connection with “OFF-ON” Control Knob
  • The CA-EBS from Poseidon has a more streamlined logistics train for maintaining the bottles at the unit level.
  • Similarity in maintenance and servicing of PEEBD systems ensures an efficient transition from legacy systems.
  • Servicing is 36 months, bringing sustainability costs down to 25% of the competitor.
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Designed to Fit Current Cylinder Pockets

Both the PEEBD1206-3000 psi aluminum cylinder and the PEEBD9393-4500 psi composite systems offer the same cylinder footprint of 180 mm x 50 mm cylinders.

Using the same size cylinder ensures users are not faced with pocket modifications to the life jacket and survival vest systems when upgrading from one system to the other.

Extremely Low Profile 2nd Stage Regulator

Another unique feature for users is the design of the 2nd Stage Regulator, offering an extremely low-profile design for attachment to the Life Jacket/Vest. 

This feature ensures the regulator takes up less real estate on the life jacket.

Ease of Updating to Higher PSI Systems

Other unique features includes:
  • A single design 1st Stage regulator for both the 3000psi and 4500psi systems.
  • This feature allows for users, with the proper regulator components, currently locked in to 3000psi systems later to update the system to 4500psi without the need to replace the entire system this feature ensures costs savings to the customer and enhanced life of the product.
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Pro Flight Gear, LLC is the Exclusive North American Distributor of Poseidon AU Survival Products.

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PEEBD Composite Bottle Hydrostatic Testing


For the five-year mark of your Poseidon composite bottle hydrostatic inspection, PFG provides the customer with a scheduled bottle exchange program in which a replacement cylinder is provided with labeling to ensure there is minimal down time in equipment use and keep operations going!


​Users would no longer have to wait for cylinders to return from prolonged testing and not be able to meet mission requirements. 

Independent Testing

Independent testing by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)-approved labs in compliance with CAP1034, PREN4856, and EN250:2014, as well as compass-safety, was demonstrated.

For any questions or assistance with Poseidon Emergency Egress Breathing Device:

1-844-PRO-FLYT (776-3598)

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