ParaTrax 1090 ADS-B OUT Transponder w/Mode S

ADS-B Mode S Transponder For ParaDrop Operations

Military Freefall | Equipment Drops | Rescue

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ParaTrax ADS-B Mode S Transponder

PARATRAX is designed and developed for military freefall training operations as a portable and wearable ADS-B transponder. This device provides precise GPS based location and altitude information from the user to ADS-B Equipped Aircraft, Air Traffic Control and Drop Zone Safety Officers to ensure spatial separation and mitigate aircraft incursions in the area of operations.

Providing the active geo-reference and trajectory of an individual jumper or group of jumpers on aircraft traffic displays and ATC monitors increases safety and situational awareness for pilots and traffic controllers.

ParaTrax Features
  • Portable/Wearable: 1 lb
  • Fits Most Pockets/Pouches
  • NVG Compliant
  • High Impact/Waterproof Case
  • 9-Hour Battery Life
  • USB-C Type Charger

*Patent Pending

ParaTrax 1090 ADS-B OUT Transponder w/Mode S
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Safe and Sound Exit to Ground
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ParaTrax Jumper
ParaTrax Benefits
  • FAA ADS-B OUT Compliant
  • Provides Canopy Visibility to ADS-B Equipped Aircraft
  • Visible to All Levels of ATC (Military & Civilian)
  • Expands Training Area
  • Integrates with Current Freefall Equipment and Rigs
ParaTrax 1090 ADS-B OUT Transponder w/Mode S

Experience the Future of Freefall Training with PARATRAX - Where Innovation Meets Safety At Every Altitude.

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ParaTrax 1090 ADS-B OUT Transponder w/Mode S

For any questions or assistance with ParaTrax:

1-844-PRO-FLYT (776-3598)

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