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Aviation Life Support Equipment

Pro Flight Gear provides a specific selection of flight gear and procedures for protecting aircrew, passengers and support personnel engaged in aviation activities including mishap or survival situations. While the emphasis is on special use activities, other mission-specific equipment required for flight is also included.

As of today, there are no regulations for Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) in civilian aviation. The only requirements for ALSE are directed from military aviation or Mil-Spec procedures. Pro Flight Gear’s services follow the strict guidelines of Military ALSE procedures designed to ensure the highest quality and safety in an aviation environment. All servicing personnel are trained and qualified ALSE Technicians.


Pro Flight Gear Capabilities

Increased awareness in flight safety and future regulations are the driving factors for implementing an ALSE program into your daily flight operations. Standard flight equipment and accessories are becoming an expensive asset and they should be placed on a scheduled inspection and maintenance routine to extend the life of your investment while providing the safest gear for your aircrews.

A Pro Flight Gear ALSE Program will assist you in forecasting service and repairs as well as mitigate down time of flight gear to help you meet the demands of “around the clock” flight coverage.

Pro Flight Gear’s goal of delivering only the best solutions to better manage your existing flight equipment, as well as offer industry-leading options such as the Alpha Eagle helmet, will ensure the success of any ALSE program.

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