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Improved Hearing Protection and Improved Communication

The Passive Attenuating Communications Earphone (P.A.C.E.) System provides a quality level of hearing protection without compromising the communications signal provided through your communications system.

Designed for Comfort and Versatility

Extremely low profile and behind the cranium design that eliminates cable snagging issues found in most under helmet/headset earphone systems. By using a more standard cable connection, the system can be used and tested with any device that utilizes a stereo connection. This system is full stereo and will provide left and right channel audio when connected to a stereo source of audio.

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PACE 36″ 3.5mm Earphone Extended Cable

A PACE Earphone Wire with extended length so that it can be used with Chemical/Biological Flight Equipment. Same performance with an extended cable.


The above illustration shows the approved USAF HGU-55/P with Combat Edge configuration for PACE. Configuration consists of: (PFG-PACE-1001) PACE 3.5 Earphone Cable, (PFG-PACE-1003) PACE Y-Tap Adaptor, and PFG PACE Custom Ear Pieces.

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Choice of Custom Earpieces or Non-Custom Ear Tips

The Passive Attenuation Communications Earphone System has two styles of
*Custom Earpieces
(variety of colors available) and one style of Non-Custom Earphone Tips.

*Ear Impressions required prior to purchase custom ear pieces.
A variety of colors and noise protection designs are available.


Earphone attenuation improvements for use under standard ear cups and helmet systems Passive Attenuating Communications Earphone (PACE)

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PACE has adaptors that allow it to be used with current aircrew systems without major modification to flight equipment or replacement of standard communication cords:


PACE Single SMB-PACE Adaptor
(Rotary Wing Aircraft)

These adaptors work with helmets modified for SMB connector systems. There are three styles available, single-connection and dual-connection (used with hear-through systems).


PACE Y-Tap Adaptor
(Fixed Wing Aircraft)

Utilizing the PACE Y-Tap Adaptor, flight helmets and headsets that use a common U-179 connector to provide communication signals to the earcup speakers can be quickly modified. The user can regulate the audio volume provided through the aircraft communication system by using the integrated volume adjustment feature of this adaptor.

NOTE: For 3D Audio Systems using connectors other than the normal U-179, a PACE Adaptor has been specially built. For users of Terma 3DAS, see T-Tap.
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Mission Performance - Enhanced.

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What Sets PACE Apart from Other In-Ear Comm Systems?

PACE is similar in format to other in-ear communication systems; however, PACE is designed to route the communication cable over the ear and behind the neck, with the connection point on the flight helmet versus the oxygen mask. This configuration improves both egress and ejection safety and should reduce the cost of transitioning standard fixed-wing flight helmets and masks to PACE.

The PACE design is lower profile and uses a much more robust stereo connector instead of the SMB coaxial connector used in other comm systems for rotary-wing aircraft. The overall construction of the PACE cable is more rugged with more responsive earphone speakers for improved communication clarity. The PACE cable is built to last much longer than similar products.

The PACE custom earphone tips provide more comfort with a smaller pressure vent to allow for better noise attenuation (the amount of passive noise reduction), with a connection point and speakers that are true stereo. In addition, PACE allows a single cable to be used on all aircraft platforms and can be used with either non-custom tips or custom tips. The ability to use a single cable for all aircraft and to accommodate the use of custom or non-custom earphone tips improves operational requirements while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

What Is the Process for Submitting My Ear Impressions?

Once you have had your impressions taken, make sure you complete an impression slip and send the slip to the lab with your actual ear impressions.

  • If your unit or organization gives you a pre-labeled envelope, put your impressions and prepaid slip in the envelope and mail that off to the address listed on the front. This will cover the shipping cost to and from the lab.
How Do I Fill Out the Impression Slip?
  • Fill out your name, organization or unit, color selection per ear, earpiece style, vent selection, contact and shipping information. This will help us identify your order, and who to contact and ship it back to.
What’s the Expected Timeline to Receive the Custom Earpieces Back?
  • Estimated timeline is 3 weeks from the time the shipment arrives at the lab and the ear impressions are approved for production.
How Do I Know Which Ear the Custom Earpieces Go In?
  • A red dot is placed at the base of the canal of the right earpiece. The earpieces will also only comfortably fit into the correct ear.
I Got a PACE Kit from Supply/ Aircrew Flight Equipment/ My Unit. How Do I Pay For my Custom Earpieces?

Included in each PACE kit is a clear baggie, a pre-labeled envelope, and an impression slip with an order number stamped on it ( the number should start with either the last two digits of the year or a long contract number that includes letters and numbers).

  • YES – The custom earpieces are already paid for.
  • NO – If the contract slip is missing, please contact the individual that gave you the slip or contact sales@proflightgear.

If you were not provided the contract slips due to unit/organization policy – then you will contact sales@proflightgear to order your custom earpieces directly from us.

What Is Included In the PACE Kit?

We have different types of PACE Kits, so it will depend on which one has been ordered or purchased, but it should have the following:

  • Pre-labeled Envelope
  • Clear Baggie
  • Impression Slip with an order number starting with the last two digits of the year or a contract with letters and numbers included
  • Standard cable (only in the PFG-PACE-1001-Cust Kit)

Contact PFG for any questions or assistance with PACE.

1-844-PRO-FLYT (776-3598)

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