PACE (Passive Attenuation Communications Earphone System)

Improved Hearing Protection and Improved Communication

The Passive Attenuation Communications Earphone System (PACE) provides a quality level of hearing protection without compromising the communications signal provided through your communications system.

Pro Flight Gear, LLC., a Minority Service Disabled Veteran Owned Emerging Small Business, is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the PACE System and Accessories. No other manufacturer or distributor can provide PACE, an in-ear communications system that has Custom and/or Non-Custom vented tips and uses a rugged 3.5mm connector plug.

Designed for Comfort and Versatility
Extremely low profile and behind the cranium design that eliminates cable
snagging issues found in most under helmet/headset earphone systems. By
using a more standard cable connection, the Passive Attenuation
Communications Earphone System can be used and tested off of any device
that utilizes a stereo connection.

military-PACE y-tap

The above illustration shows the approved USAF HGU-55/P with Combat Edge configuration for PACE. Configuration consists of: (PFG-PACE-1001) PACE 3.5 Earphone Cable, (PFG-PACE-1003) PACE Y-Tap Adaptor, and PFG PACE Custom Ear Pieces.

Choice of Custom Earpieces or Non-Custom Ear Tips

The Passive Attenuation Communications Earphone System has two styles of
custom earpieces (variety of colors available) and one style of non-custom
earphone tips.

PFG-PACE-1001 Cable  (Cable only no earphones)

Ear Impressions required prior to purchase for custom ear pieces. A variety of colors and noise protection designs are available.

See various custom designed noise reduction earpieces for specific applications below.


Custom Ear Impression Plugs for Specific Application Hearing Protection

hear savers

Hear Saver Plugs


Sleep Plugs


Swimmer Plugs

musician plugs

Musician Plugs


Hunter / Shooter Plugs


PACE has adaptors that allow it to be used with current aircrew systems
without major modification to flight equipment or replacement of standard
communication cords:


PACE Single SMB-PACE Adaptor (Rotary Wing Aircraft)
These adaptors work with helmets modified for SMB connector systems. There
are three styles available, single-connection and dual-connection (used with
hear-through systems).

PACE Y-Tap Adaptor (Fixed Wing Aircraft)
This adapator allows quick modification of aircrew helmets and headsets that
utilize a standard U-179 connection to pass communication signals to the ear
cup. The system has a build in volume adjustment to allow user selection of the
volume level based on the airframe/communication system they are utilizing.

PACE 36″ 3.5 Earphone Extended Cable
A PACE Earphone Wire with extended length so that it can be used with
Chemical/Biological Flight Equipment. Same performance with an extended

-Custom earphone pieces not included.

Product Comparison

Earphone attenuation improvements for use under standard ear cups and helmet systems Passive Attenuating Communications Earphone (PACE)

product comparison

*Information in above table from third-party testing/reports by Air
Force Research Laboratory Battlespace Acoustics and U.S. Army
Aeromedical Research Laboratory