Air Warrior Battery Pack

The Air Warrior Battery Pack provides a stronger enclosure, improved cable management and a more streamlined profile to ensure the battery pack will provide a rugged source of auxiliary power to the ANVIS night vision goggle with less snag and drag and withstand the pounding impacts of the battlefield environment.


Air Warrior Battery Pack
Part# AWBP


The standard battery pack issued by Army Aviation supplies has several weaknesses that result in breakage and lack of service Feedback from operators, the Aircrew Flight Equipment ALSE community and the service and repair depots from both the military and commercial aviation have identified specific issues which require service repair or replacement.

The Air Warrior Battery Pack (AWBP) was designed to overcome those weaknesses and provide a more rugged and reliable source of primary power for the ANIVS NVGs for both tactical ground operations, as well as, conventional aviation operations. The battery compartment itself is machined from a single block of high density material that provides superior strength to weight to withstand extreme crushing forces while maintaining the weight of the standard battery pack. The battery pack is designed with a smoother profile to conform to the curvature of the helmet and has rounded ends to prevent snags.

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