Zero-G Helmet Nape Pad

Compatible with HGU-56/P new Harness system on ABH and RWH HGU-56/Ps (prevents roll when fitting helmet)


Improved Protection – Independent and DoD testing have shown that the core material of these products deliver superior blunt impact performance over OEM product.

Improved Comfort – The Pro Flight Gear upgrade kit provides significantly improved comfort over similar product, even during extended mission duration.

Improved Stability – Product provides increased stability, most notably when helmet is equipped with additional ancillary equipment such as night vision goggles.

Thermal Stability – The internal fabric of our helmet liner provides thermal regulating properties. When operating temperature is high, the liner will remain cooler. When temperature is cool, liner will help retain the heat in.

Anti-Microbial – Liners and ear seals are enhanced with Permanent Anti-Odor and Anti-Microbial performance.

Modular Design– Our products will fit any US or foreign flight helmet. Upgrade now to bring new life to your old helmet.


Part #PFG-3-NPG


Advanced Padding Materials

The fabric used in the construction of the Zero-G Helmet Nape Pad is designed to draw perspiration away from the head and cool the wearer through the evaporation process.  Independent testing has shown the combination of the ear seals, helmet liner, and nape pad significantly improved impact protection to standard liners and ear seals. These products have been engineered to provide pain-free flying for pilots and aircrew to ensure the focus is on the primary mission, not the fit or stability of the flight helmet.

- Mission Enhancements -

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