Rescue Harnesses


Rescue Swimmer Harness


  • Designed to avoid restriction of swimming motion and provides overall better mobility needed by Rescue Swimmers or Aircrew Medical Responders
  • Only Survival Vest/Life Preserver Pairing that was fully tested and certified as a complete unit
  • Damage Resistant (from puncture) Inflation Cells


Base Harness
No Life Preserver


with Life Preserver

Survival Vest


Survival Vest & Life Preserver (Pilot Version)


  • Designed to avoid poor posture that other harnesses do not and in turn
    create neck problems while wearing helmets and being strapped in.
  • Only Survival Vest/Life Preserver Pairing that was fully tested and certified as a complete unit.
  • Damage Resistant (from puncture) Inflation Cells.


  • Manual Operated CO 2 Inflated Inflation Cell
  • Twin Chamber Floating Baffle design
  • Survival Vest Design contains MOLLE adjustable Pockets for stowage of essential Safety items ––(Safety items not supplied)
  • FAA TSO C 85 b approved light
  • Integrated Restraint/Winching Harness/Fall Arrest
  • Quick Release Three Ring Circus ready
  • Webbing Cutter Optional
  • Splash Face Hood Optional



Base Harness Vest


Base Vest
with Cutter Option


Base Vest
with Spray Hood


Base Vest
with All Options



  • Easy to fit, one size fits all that comfortably secures the victim within
    the harness
  • Weighs just under 6 lbs 2 7 kg).


  • Lifting/Fall Arrest Point at top, rear of harness, ensures interfere free
    attachment and impedance free when wearing a flight helmet
  • Victim Harness design also ensures a head down position is highly
    unlikely and in any event a head down position does occur, the victim
    remains securely located within the harness
  • The Shoulder Strap design also ensures that in the event of any spin,
    the straps remain located over the shoulders
  • Ideally located attachment/ lifting point at front of harness, which
    ensures the correct angle when suspended
  • Sit/Recline (Super Nappy Type) angle design
  • Natural reclined comfort position
  • Low cut neck scallop in Harness, to ensure no pressure is place at the
    base of the skull by the harness
  • When fitting correctly, impossible to fall out o f


Rescue Harness

Custom Made To Make The Grade

Our harnesses are designed for the rescue mission at hand.

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