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4500psi Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System


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Designed to Fit Current Cylinder Pockets
Both PEEBD1206 – 3,000psi aluminum cylinder and
PEEBD9393 – 4,500psi composite systems offer the same
cylinder foot print of 180mm x 50mm cylinders. Using the
same size cylinder ensures Users are not faced with
Pocket modification to the Life Jacket/Survival Vest
systems when upgrading from one system to the other.
Extremely Low Profile 2
nd Stage Regulator
Another unique feature for Users is the design of the 2nd
Stage Regulator offering an extremely low profile design
for attachment to the Life Jacket/Vest. This feature
ensuring the regulator taking up less real estate on the
life jacket.
Ease of Updating to Higher PSI systems
Other unique features includes a single design 1st Stage
regulator for both the 3,000psi and 4,500psi systems. This
feature allows for Users currently locked in to 3,000psi
systems at a later date to update the system to 4,500psi
without the need to replace the entire system – this
feature ensures costs savings to the customer and
enhanced life of the product