Inspections and Refurbishments

Pro Flight Gear provides exceptional helmet services and prides itself in its ability to take a worn, distressed helmet and bring it back to its former glory. Your helmets will will be disassembled and inspected. Once your helmet is determined to be in operational condition, it goes through the process of painting and then reassembly. During your helmet service we can replace damaged or obsolete parts or add additional improvements to your helmet.

If you have any helmet(s) that are suspect in their appearance or you just want the peace of mind knowing that your helmet is in top operational condition, we offer our inspection services. Our inspection process follows the guidance of military standards and we track and keep records on all of our customer’s helmets. We recommend that all flight helmets get inspected at least once a year.

Parts and Accessories

Pro Flight Gear, LLC is an authorized Gentex Distributor providing helmet services and repair with genuine manufacturer’s parts for Gentex aviation flight helmets. We carry a complete line of parts and accessories for several makes/models of flight helmets. We take pride in offering our customers both original manufactured parts as well as the highest quality aftermarket parts for your flight helmets.

Contact PFG for any questions or assistance with your flight helmet repairs or servicing.

1-844-PRO-FLYT (776-3598)