NVG Mounts

NVG Mounts

Pilots, aviators and flight crew-members flying fixed and rotary-wing aircraft that represent the various branches of the military, law enforcement and air medical transport are increasingly required to conduct a broad range of respective missions at night.

Many pilots and crew-members conduct air operations utilizing the latest Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS) Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for night time operation. These operators typically use flight helmets of several variants to accommodate the requirements of their respective aircraft or branch. These helmets are designed and equipped with a mounting platform to facilitate the attachment of NVG via a helmet mount assembly that attaches to the front of the flight helmet or to the visor shroud depending on the model of helmet.

The standard ANVIS helmet mounts found in today’s market that support the interface from the NVG to the helmet are adequate for most flight operations, but are not robust. The standard helmet mounts and battery packs may become weak and require frequent replacement or maintenance service from ALSE technicians to repair broken components and/or pulled wires.

Failure to the electrical or mechanical interface between either the helmet mount or battery may shut down the NVG leaving the operator in the dark and may even compromise the success of the mission or safety of the pilot and crew.