FAABS -Fully Articulating Air Bladder System

FAABS – Fully Articulating Air Bladder System

Simple Operation and Maintenance

The Fully Articulating Air Bladder System is simple to use once installed in the
helmet. There is a inflation bulb that can be placed in a user selected area of the
helmet that is easy to get to, but not in the way. The size of the bulb was
carefully selected to allow the user to quickly inflate the bladders and receive
immediate feedback that they are actively filling the bladders. A quick-release
button will deflate the bladder to allow quick removal of the helmet. The
bladders and tubing are made of materials used in g-suit and life preserver
bladders to ensure they meet the rigors of use in aviation. Bladders are
maintained by visual inspection and a 30 minute inflation test that can be done
in parallel to the standard helmet inspection schedule.

FAABS CU sized


Increased Helmet Fit
The Fully Articulating Air Bladder System (FAABS, pronounced fabs)
provides a custom fit without requiring spacers and other current addons
for helmet fit. Lowers the amount of time to properly fit a helmet to
the user by simply requiring the user to inflate the Fully Articulating Air
Bladder System until the helmet fits comfortably.

Increased Helmet Stability
The Fully Articulating Air Bladder System acts as a stabilizing
enhancement because it secures the ear seal to the user’s cranium thus
providing more surface area for the helmet to grip. This increased
stability reduces helmet roll and makes the helmet a better platform for
Night Vision Devices (NVDs) and Helmet Cueing Systems.

Increased Hearing Protection
By securing the ear seal tighter around the user’s ears hearing protection
is inherently increased. This is supported by testing by the Battlespace
Acoustic Division of Air Force Research Laboratory.

Thoroughly Tested

Knowing that the Fully Articulating Air Bladder System was to be used in
aircraft and subject to changing pressures it was extensively tested to ensure
Fully Articulating Air Bladder System | Pro Flight Gear, LLC | ALSE Experts
that it does not fail. It has been pressure tested up to the equivalent of 75,000
feet and been exposed to rapid decompression from 22,500 feet to 60,000 feet.
The materials are non-corrosive and safe for use in pure oxygen environments.
The Fully Articulating Air Bladder System has been installed in a variety of
helmets used by both military and civilian users.